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BEN DARBY replied to BEN DARBY's discussion Need A room to rent in So cal.
"Still homeless still no job, still have chronic pain. Looking forward to the sweet release of death at this point,"
1 hour ago
BEN DARBY replied to Annalee Kovaltchouk's discussion Hardware removal
"I cant give you any advise,unfortunatly .Ive been down the same path as you.My injury was in 2007.Since then Ive tried all the drugs and have had hardware removed as well. You are the first person that  I have heard having similar issues to…"
1 hour ago
Richard Bell left a comment for sergio K ludwig
"Welcome to Pushrim!!! Now that you are part of our community, we want to encourage you to tell others. Your friends, family, care givers and health care professionals are invited to join and be part of your network. We are thrilled to have you and…"
11 hours ago
Profile Iconsergio K ludwig, Kenny Salvini and Karson kirkindall joined Pushrim
11 hours ago
Ray left a comment for Kenny Salvini
"Hi Kenny, Welcome to Pushrim, the SCI social media network dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of individuals impacted by such injuries. As a social network, we encourage you to make friends, customize your page, post pictures/videos, use the…"
15 hours ago
Jessica posted an event

Ballard SCI Life Series Group at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

August 27, 2014 from 3:30pm to 5pm
Triumph Foundation invites you to join us at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital for our newest SCI Life Series Support Group. Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital is located at 1760 W. 16th St., San Bernardino 92411. We will be meeting in the Cafeteria.…See More
21 hours ago
Richard Bell left a comment for Karson kirkindall
"Welcome to Pushrim!!! Now that you are part of our community, we want to encourage you to tell others. Your friends, family, care givers and health care professionals are invited to join and be part of your network. We are thrilled to have you and…"
Richard Bell left a comment for Tamela Ridley
"Welcome to Pushrim!!! Now that you are part of our community, we want to encourage you to tell others. Your friends, family, care givers and health care professionals are invited to join and be part of your network. We are thrilled to have you and…"


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Badge of Honor

Posted by Jeff Charlebois on August 14, 2014 at 12:19pm 0 Comments

I think it is normal to feel a little inferior about your disability.  Many people who don’t have a disability have something (s) that causes them insecurity whether it be their looks, intelligence or their singing voice.  Let’s face it, none of us are perfect.  We all have shortcomings.  However, I fear that many of us look at our disability and feel like we are not a whole person.  That we’re unsure of how others may view us, especially in a negative,…


Wheelchair gut

Posted by Steve Campbell on July 25, 2014 at 9:12pm 4 Comments

Is there an exercise I can do to reduce my wheelchair gut? I'm a C5/6 quad from a bicycle accident four years ago. I workout six hours a week at Project Walk in Claremont plus a few hours at home on my own. My core is pretty good thanks to my specialists at PW but I still have a gut over my abs. I started twisting (like the dance) in my chair hoping it will burn off some calories. I lock my brakes, twist back and forth and then go into punching straight ahead. I do three sets of those. I…


Blax gloves

Posted by Steve Campbell on July 21, 2014 at 7:47pm 2 Comments

Hi Pishrim friends. I bought these Blax gloves and they just didn't work for my needs. I'm a C5/6 quad and my hands are closed. I tried them four or five times but they weren't for me. They're barely used and I paid $42.95 for them. I'm asking for $35.00. If you're interested or have questions,…


Experimental stem cell treatment FAIL

Posted by Richard Bell on July 16, 2014 at 1:03pm 1 Comment

Source: Engadget

Stem cells are seen as one of modern…


Toyota Siena for sale

Posted by Maribelle Eliora Koller on July 15, 2014 at 3:30pm 2 Comments

I am selling 2004 Toyota Siena. It has an automatic IMS ramp that hides under the floor, so the inside of the van has room for friends, family and even camping. The ramp and the van have always worked properly increasing my independence, as I travel by myself to visit…


Episode 44 "Casa Colina" Outdoor Adventures and Land Meets Sea sports camp

Posted by Richard Bell on July 3, 2014 at 4:58pm 0 Comments

In this episode, we sit with Ruben BARAJAS and Priti PATEL to share Casa Colina's outdoor adventure program and the Land Meets Sea Sports Camp. Enjoy :)


Need A room to rent in So cal.

Started by BEN DARBY in Life. Last reply by BEN DARBY 1 hour ago. 2 Replies

Hi Im in need of a room for rent,Im a 47 year old male  para.I was a carpenter before my SCI.Im flexable as far as location,I have 3 vehicles so I know parking will be an issue.I would be fine renting a garage with a bath or?? I can pay around 500 a…Continue

Hardware removal

Started by Annalee Kovaltchouk in Care. Last reply by BEN DARBY 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

I broke my back at the T-9 level in October, 2010. I am a complete para. I have had no pain relief since then. It only continues to get worse. It is slightly below the level of injury around T-10 and it wraps around my body like a vise. And it…Continue

Looking for a writer on disability issues!

Started by Ruby Boyd in Work, School and Money Aug 8. 0 Replies

Hi, my name is Ruby Boyd. I am building a website covering disability issues. I am looking for someone that knows how to write articles and would be interested in writing on a regular basis. Email me and we can discuss it further. ruby0108@att.net…Continue

Tags: writer, home, from, money, making

Portland, Oregon travel tips

Started by Michele Altamirano in Care. Last reply by Michele Altamirano Jul 26. 2 Replies

Looking for travel tips and info helpful for maneuvering about the city in a manual wheelchair. How accessible is the city?

Suggestions on a RIgid Frame Chair?

Started by Bouri Mila in Equipment. Last reply by Paula Reyes Jun 20. 3 Replies

Hey guys, I could really use some advice. Ever since my surgery three years ago I have been in a large, heavy duty framed folding chair as my everyday. This thing is just pretty much shot and at this point trying to adjust or fix everything would…Continue

6 Things You Need to Know About Weight Control, By Dr. Boris Del Cid, D.C.

Started by Dr. Boris E. Del Cid, D.C. in Food Apr 21. 0 Replies

First of all, we need to know that 20% of people with SCI's end up with diabetes due to weight control issues.  Therefore, pay attention to this article I've written to help.  I have lost 40 lbs on the last 10 months following these principles.  I…Continue

Tags: About, Weight, Control, Know, To

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Un Moving Four Ward: Tales and Tips For Keeping Perspective Despite Life’s Challenges is Bob’s story. Equal parts humorous, inspirational, informative, and painfully honest, Un Moving Four Ward provides ample doses of tough love, highlights the impact of a loving mother, and calls you to live the one life you’ve been given to its absolute… Continue Reading »

Paralyzed since ’89, Bob Bell still seeks challenges

Un Moving Four Ward

Adventurer Bob Bell won’t let paralysis keep him from living his life. Bob Bell is a funny, smart, inquisitive, witty guy. The kind of fellow that any guy would love to add to his real world friends list. “So what’s the deal with the Hebrew tattoo on your arm?” he’s asked. “It’s actually ‘Thy will… Continue Reading »

Kessler Foundation Expands Robotic Research in Spinal Cord Injury

Kessler Foundation News

West Orange, NJ. August 11, 2014. Kessler Foundation has expanded its research in exoskeletal-assisted standing and walking with the addition of ReWalk, the robotic exoskeleton from ReWalk Robotics. The Foundation has been conducting exoskeletal research since October 2011, according to Gail Forrest, PT, PhD, assistant director of Human Performance & Engineering Research. “The consequences of… Continue Reading »

R.O.A.R. – Rediscovering Outdoor Activities & Recreation


R.O.A.R. is a missions/ministry based organization whose purpose is to redefine limitations and empower those with disabilities to see their God-given ability through outdoor activities. R.O.A.R. seeks to educate, assist, and mediate for those with disabilities to minimize obstacles in outdoor settings and to challenge stereotypes. We intend to create opportunities for those with disabilities… Continue Reading »

Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms, Modern Research and Rehabitation

Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms, Modern Research and Rehabitation

This patient education program will hep you understand how spinal cord injuries are caused and their treatment options. This program will also give you some tips on how to prevent spinal cord injuries.



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